Our Teachers


Our exceptional staff of Registered Early Childhood Educators are committed to developing young minds and fostering positive and memorable experiences for children and their families. Teachers encourage social skills, self-esteem and self-awareness through sharing, co-operation and problem solving. Children develop a joy for learning by observing, questioning and discovering science, nature, letters, numbers, cultures and traditions through stories, music, drama, sensory play, art, indoor and outdoor play, special events and field trips.


heatherresizeHeather Brown
Heather has been with the Oriole community since 2008. She has taught both the Junior and Senior classes and has held the role of Supervisor Since 2010. Heather graduated from Ryerson University with a degree in Early Childhood Education in 2008. She began working at the age of 7, professionally acting in theatre productions such as Les Miserables, and television shows such as Road to Avonlea. She retired from her acting career at the age of 21 and delved into the world of Management at Kitchen Stuff Plus for 8 years. As a teacher, Heather brings her passion for theatre arts to the classroom each day, engaging the children with music based learning. She believes that learning cognitive concepts, literacy and numeracy should be engaging, silly and playful- capturing the child’s natural interest and curiosity. Heather enjoys singing, dancing and playing the guitar; she also loves to bake, conduct science experiments and thoroughly enjoys being a Mom of her two young children.

emilyresizeEmily Toth
Emily has been with the Oriole community since 2011. She began as the floating teacher: assisting in either class when necessary and quickly found her footing to eventually take on the job of leading the Junior Class. Emily received her Early Childhood Education diploma from Mothercraft College, where she received an award for Outstanding Achievement to acknowledge her high marks and intense effort. Emily has attended a number of workshops including those covering current techniques to encourage literacy.  She would describe herself as being curious and creative. Emily is keenly interested in the emotional lives of children, and facilitates with a focus on respect, encouragement, and celebration of individual aptitudes. She is thrilled to work at a school with an approach that gives children a space to freely gain knowledge and skills through play.

emilyresizeTiffany Mansbridge
Tiffany has been with working Oriole as an assistant teacher in both the Senior and Junior classes since 2014. In 2013 Tiffany graduated with honours from Vancouver Community College receiving a certificate in Early Childhood Education. Before pursuing her career in Early Childhood Education Tiffany worked in hospitality since the age of 13. Growing up with a dad that is a chef Tiffany has always had a love for food and the experiences that come with it. At 25 Tiffany decided to take this love of food and travel through Thailand, Indonesia and Australia. After travelling she came back home to British Columbia to pursue her education. While studying Tiffany was inspired by the emergent/inquiry learning approach and uses this idea of teaching to guide her program planning and her interactions with the children. She sees the classroom as having three teachers – the adult, the child and the environment. She thinks that children are competent and capable and can do anything they put their minds to. Believing that it is important to explore a child’s natural curiosity so they can better understand the world they live in. In her spare time, Tiffany enjoys bike riding, gardening, brunch, canoeing, craft fairs/farmer’s markets and exploring all that Ontario has to offer.

emilyresizeRoxy Costin
Roxy joined the Oriole team in September 2017. She has always loved working with children- her first job was a trampoline coach’s assistant at 14. Roxy graduated from Ryerson University’s Early Childhood Studies program in 2016. At Ryerson, she worked in a variety of placement classrooms and community settings, and her Senior year placement took place at an English school in Florence, Italy. She has also had the opportunity to work at a variety of camps, such as sports camp, history camp and at a literacy camp on a Reserve in Northern Ontario; which opened her eyes to the disparity in education for Indigenous students on reserves- something that remains very important to her. She was able to develop her knowledge of ‘literacy learning’ as a co-leader at literacy camp, as well as a facilitator of the TDSB’s We Will Read program. Roxy’s range of experiences allows her to understand how learning happens differently for every student, which helps her to effectively implement different teaching strategies to all types of learners. She is eager to join the team and looks forward to learning from her fellow teachers and the students at Oriole.

emilyresizeMichelle Deremo
Michelle joined the Oriole community in September 2016. She will be replacing Heather as Supervisor and Senior teacher while she is on maternity leave throughout 2017.
Having graduated from the ECE program at Niagara College in 2006, she now has over 10 years of experience working in the field. From drop in centres and smaller private centres, to large non-profit centres, and even managing a children’s fitness facility she has an extensive background in childcare. Michelle believes in learning through play and strives to educate and care for children in a fun and exciting learning environment. She feels that her large skill set and variety of programming skills make her an excellent team member of Oriole Nursery School, and is excited to watch the children grow and learn through such a wonderful program.